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Telomeres And Aging Nutrition

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About Jack Palmer

About Jack Palmer MD

Jack Palmer MD is a board certified internal medical physician. His personalized health programs are designed to improve health and athletic performance, while slowing down the aging process. His interest in this field was sparked when he noticed that his elderly relatives in Europe were far more lucid and active than the same aged patients in the US. This prompted Dr. Palmer to devote his practice to investigating and understanding the reasons why.

I work with motivated men and women to develop and implement an effective and comprehensive strategy for taking charge of their health - for life. My goal is to equip you not only with the information but also the skills to become the best boss of your health.

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The Clinic

The Clinic

Dr. Palmer’s Personalized Medical Clinic is located in beautiful Newport Beach, California. When you visit the clinic, you will be welcomed into a serene and professional environment where Dr. Palmer will treat you like a VIP.

Dr. Palmer’s patients appreciate his warm demeanor and trust him for his decades of experience and ability to get outstanding results. His passion is to help his patients address the root causes of aging so that they can live longer, healthier and more passionate lives.

The Clinic

What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Jack Palmer MD targets the cellular sources of aging with the use of advanced genetic and nutritional testing.

He believes that the healthier you are on the inside, the more radiant you will appear on the outside. Dr. Palmer has seen this time and time again: When he uncovers and fixes the internal causes of aging, his patients quickly begin to look and feel younger.

Dr. Palmer doesn't believe in "quick fix" cosmetic procedures that don't address the underlying cellular causes of aging. Instead, he uses precision testing and lifestyle interventions—including nutrition and fitness—to help his patients get dramatic results.

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